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BARROLLER  LLC  has 4 patents based on my painting applicator inventions that help make it easy for painters to paint multisided objects such as handrailing, deck spindles, posts, and industrial bars. There are also 3 registered marks associated with said inventions. I am currently looking for an investor to invest in my inventions or a retailer to sell my inventions. 
Email me at if you are interested in any of my inventions.
The first invention is an adjustable "Dual Paint Roller" that allows both sides of a multisided object (such as handrailing or industrial bars) to be painted at the same time.
I call this invention: Dual BarRoller®


The second invention is an adjustable "Paint Brush & Paint Roller Unit" that not only has a paint roller but also has a paint brush attached to the unit that can be adjusted to act like a paint roller and then quickly adjusted to act like a paint brush.
I call this invention: Adjustable BarRoller®.


The third invention is a "Disposable Roller Cover Brush" that has a paint brush head attached to the roller cover and is used with the adjustable "Paint Brush & Paint Roller Unit".
I call this invention: RollerCoverBrush®


The forth invention is a "Paint Grid With A Lip" to scoop paint from a paint can or bucket and pour onto a mini roller cover.
I call this invention: PaintScooper®




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